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Let our property inspectors identify flaws and defects on the home in terms of electrical,

plumbing, and construction.

Your Property Is Our Priority

Get a proper, accurate valuation of your residential property with help from Dun Rite Home Inspection. Let our property inspectors identify flaws and defects on the home in terms of electrical, plumbing, and construction. We take pride in being thorough with our work, and we make sure that everything is inspected promptly and professionally.

Look around our website to learn more about us and what we have to offer. To inquire about our rates or book an appointment, please contact us in Staten Island, New York.

Mission Statement

Dun Rite Home Inspection is committed to understanding and meeting our customer needs while exceeding industry and community expectations. Our services will produce a thorough, accurate, and unbiased assessment of property conditions. We will conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity, courtesy, and expertise.

We are committed to ongoing learning, which enables continuous improvement through management commitment, training, quality control, and the development of team-building skills.

About the Owner

Anthony Ottombrino

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What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is one of the most important parts in any real estate transaction. Home Inspections help buyers understand what's going on with a property before they actually purchase it. Without it, buyers risk buying a property that needs a lot of repairs which can cost lots of money.

A home inspection is an independent evaluation of a property and its structure. Typically, this is requested during a real estate transaction, but not always.

A homeowner could request a home inspection just to see what is going on with their property. On the other hand, we see sellers ordering pre-listing inspections to help sell their homes for top dollar. In the most common scenario though, homebuyers hire licensed home inspectors to evaluate the property's condition, report on the general condition, and recommend specialized contractors where needed.

What Does A Home Inspection Include?

In most cases, a home inspection includes an evaluation and report of findings on the following:

    • Exterior
    • Grading
    • Structure
    • Roof
    • Attic
    • Interior
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • HVAC
    • Appliances
    • Safety Issues

How A Home Inspection Works

As mentioned previously, most home inspections occur during a real estate transaction. For the sake of this post, we are going to focus on those instances.

When a home buyer finds a home they like, they submit an offer for purchase. Once an offer is accepted on a home, the homebuyer typically has a 5- to 7-day period to complete any inspections they may need. (The inspection period can vary depending on market conditions). One of those inspections is the home inspection.

Home buyers then hire a home inspector to evaluate the property during the inspection period.

During the inspection, sellers typically vacate the property to leave the home buyer, home inspector, and buyer's agent alone. 

On average, a home inspection can take 2-3 hours, after which, the home inspector shares their findings with the homebuyer and buyer's agent.

The home inspector then produces a report for the home buyer. Home inspection reports are typically delivered the same day or next day.

Finally, the home buyer and buyer's agent may be able to make requests for repairs or open negotiations based on home inspection findings that were not previously disclosed in the contract, such as a leaking roof. This can lead to a home inspection contingency.

In some cases, a reinspection may be needed to ensure repairs were completed properly. After that, the inspection process is complete.

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